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digipicOur digital pre-press department includes Apple Mac and PC workstations, an Agfa Accuset 800 imagesetter and A1 platemaking facilities.
  The department is managed by a Mac designer, digital pre-press and web specialist). We provide a comprehensive pre-press service and undertake a wide variety of work.
  Apart from outputting digital files to film we also offer design, typesetting, direct-to-plate (CTP) and scanning services. We can take your idea from concept to finished film while also handling any CMYK or greyscale scanning requirements.
  If you require colour proofing or short run colour output we have access to high-end digital printing equipment.  We run up-to-date versions of the leading professional destop publishing software i.e. Quark Xpress, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, and a full range of leading web development software.

  We can accept files from virtually any program available. You can also supply EPS, PDF or Postscript files.
  We accept native files generated in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, Powerpoint, Corel Word Perfect or any similar 'office use' applications, however we believe that these programs are not designed for professional level desktop publishing work eg. limited colour seperation support.
  Files can be supplied on any media type. You can also email files to us at
  If supplying PDF files, please use the option "embed all fonts" with compression turned off. Ideal resolution for supplied bitmaps is 300ppi.
  You may compress your files before emailing using either Zip, Stuffit, GZip, TAR or RAR compression methods.
  All digital files must be supplied with their relevant printed hard copy. This enables us to proof the output film against what you intended it to look like. For multi-colour jobs we require a print-out of each seperation.
For any assistance with file preparation please contact or call us direct on 483-7649.

PDF files pdflogo 
PDF files offer a compact, platform independent format which can embed all required font and graphic information needed to print a job.
  In order to create PDF files you will require either Acrobat Distiller, Adobe Acrobat full version or you can use any one of a number of free online PDF converters.
  When supplying PDF files, embed all fonts and turn off image compression. If your PDF file requires colour seperation then save each colour seperation as a seperate PDF file.

  Fonts that are not embedded and are not 'standard postscript'* fonts must be supplied with all digital files. Whenever possible use Postscript fonts in preference to Truetype fonts due to reliability issues. We support PC & Macintosh font formats. We can accept double-byte Asian fonts as long as they are not used within Asian versions of Quark Xpress or Adobe Pagemaker. If this is the case then please supply the files as PDF or Postscript.
* 'standard postscript' refers to the core set of common fonts stored on all postscript output devices.

  All halftone graphics within a document should be screened back to 93% in order to compensate for dot gain on press. That is, a 100% dot in your graphic should read 93% after adjustment. All linked graphics must be supplied with a job. We recommend that you save your graphics as TIFF or EPS/DCS formats. TIFF files are smaller in size than EPS/DCS, so use TIFF unless you need to utilise the special features of the EPS/DCS formats. Formats such as JPEG and GIF are not suitable for postscript output.

Postscripting your own files for our imagesetteraccuset
  If you want to print your own job to a Postscript file, you will need a Postscript driver and our Agfa imagesetter's PPD file.
  If you are using a Win 9x system you can either install the Microsoft Postscript printer driver off the Windows CD-Rom or you can download the PC version of the Adobe Postscript driver from the Adobe website and install our Agfa imagesetter's PPD onto it.  n.b. the Adobe Postscript driver is generally considered better than the Microsoft Postscript driver.
  On the Macintosh you can can use your standard Laserwriter Postscript driver combined with our Agfa PPD. Alternatively you can download the Macintosh version of the Adobe Postscript driver from the Adobe website and install our Agfa PPD onto it.
  Postscript your film as positive, emulsion down. For standard imaging use a screen ruling of 150lpi at 2400dpi. For any specific information regarding postscripting, contact us.
  To download the Agfa Accuset 800 PPD file below, click and hold down the mouse key on the filename and choose "download link to disk". nb. PC users use right mouse key; Netscape browser users choose "save this link as"

The nature of a digital workflow can be a difficult one to master. If you have any questions regarding the generation of your file, please do not hesitate to call us so that we can ensure a successful outcome.

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